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Bicomponent PET/CoPET

Raw materials

  • PET;
  • CoPET;

Line data

Working width: up to 5000 mm;
Production capacity: up to 10000 ton/year;
Weight range: 20-200 g/m².


  • Filtration Media or as a component or support layer in filtration applications;
  • Cable wrapping;
  • Battery separator
  • Cable wrapping;
  • Fiber glass, scrim backing;
  • Foam backing;
  • Secondary Tuft backing for automotive carpets, carpet tiles and bath mats;
  • Automotive;
  • Inkjet printable display media (PIXEL);
  • Packaging;
  • Shoe reinforcement;
  • Insolation (acoustic) backings;
  • Wall paper;
  • Medical.


Production area: 2500 m²;
Free height: 12 m for spinning area - 7m for finishing and auxiliaries area;
Raw materials warehouse: 700 m²;
Product warehouse: 700 m².